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*saves game six times just in case*

posted 1 day ago


no but like seriously masturbate to me

posted 2 days ago


do people wear glasses during sex or is it just like you’re blind and everthing’s a surprise

posted 2 days ago


Things that should be under $20:

• plane tickets
• concert tickets
• clothing
• college

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posted 3 days ago

  • friend: do you want to hang out?
  • me: i have to ask my mom
  • me: *doesn't ask mom*
  • me: she said no

posted 4 days ago



This is the album that turned so many of us into pop punk kids

this is the album that changed the world 


once in the 4th grade this guy got a 2% on his math quiz so everyone called him milk for the rest of the year 

posted 4 days ago